DJ Undoo • Album Release "Varietăți"

📀 DJ Undoo releases his 7th album, a creative process that has extended over the past 4 years. Starting in 2019 with the first beats, the album continued in 2020 with the recording of the first collaborations. In 2021, the first 8 singles were released.

It’s called “Varieties” because, in addition to the varied collaborations, it’s a new blending for Undoo, between the sounds of 808 and autotune that blend with the classic sound and scratches that made him famous. On October 12th, at Expirat, the album will be premiered in its entirety, along with special guests 💯

Undoo is a Romanian DJ and producer who, over time, has surpassed any imposed limits. He has written history in the local hip-hop culture over a career of more than 20 years, which includes 7 solo materials, 11 albums as a collaborator, dozens of other important collaborations, and a long series of live events 🌍

🥇 The audience chose him as the winner in the seventh round of the “DMC Online Championship” in 2011 and he is the first DJ who represented Romania at the “Redbull Threestyle Championship” 2013 in Toronto.

🎓 He has been teaching mixing and turntablism since 2013, starting his teaching career at Artskul. So far, he has trained several generations of students through the most complete mixing and scratch course on the local market, and all sessions have ended with graduation parties in various clubs, where the students made their debut on stage 💪🏼


🗓 Wednesday, 12.10.2022 (Open doors: 20:00)

🎶 Warm up dj.rocco.zfr

⏰️ Live: 21:00

📌 Expirat, Halele Carol


🎟 Tickets are available on here:

🎟 General access: ticket price is 40 lei

*At the door: 50 lei