Daily Flash Lecture #1

☀️ Good morning, Hip-hopperz and welcome to your daily dose of your favorite “Daily Flash Lecture”! 🗞

We hope you have a spectacular day, the sun is up and so are we! So let’s get straight into it! S01xE01 is HERE! What a special moment this is! We really hope you will enjoy our very first “Daily Flash Lecture” episode and hopefully start your day fully surrounded by good vibes only! 🧘🌊

Today we bring you El Da Sensei, Tame One and DJ Kaos, better known together as “Artifacts”, or “The Brick City Kids”, originating from Newark, New Jersey!  🌇

▪️  Well known for their underground music that paid homage to the four elements of hip hop, their most popular single “Wrong Side of Da Tracks” paid special homage to the graffiti art, as they were graffiti artists themselves! 👀✊

▪️ The Artifacts released their first album, “Between a Rock and a Hard Place” on October 27, 1994 and it was more than well received by the underground hip hop audiences, featuring loads of b-boy and graffiti themes, unlike their second material, “That’s Them”, released on April 15, 1997, album that featured similar material, but it did not receive as much recognition as their debut effort, so soon after the release they split, dedicating themselves to their solo careers. 📼👇

▪️ Since then El Da Sensei has released several solo albums, while Tame One became part of the hip hop supergroup “The Weathermen”. Tame One, along with Jay Burnz Jay, are Founder and Co-founder of the super hip hop group “The Boom Skwad” since 1992, of which Tame One is President. He appointed Jay Burnz Jay as Vice President of “The Boom Skwad”. 🤯💯

▪️ They are in the process of collaborating on a new album and Tame One confirmed in an interview on March 22, 2013 that “Artifacts” are reunited, their fans still waiting for them to release that brand new album they have been waiting for years! 📀⏳

▪️  One of the most classy and influential hip hop groups ever, they are the perfect example of dedication and loyalty, regarding themselves and also their fanbase! Trust! 🙏

Roll safe, honour and spread the spirit of Hip Hop! 🤜🏼🤛🏼