About Us

We don’t have an intricate answer to the genesis Question – we would rather be genuine and to the point. 

We are Ministry of Hip Hop – a movement dedicated to Hip Hop culture everywhere but established in Romania. Our goal is to promote Hip Hop Culture at an educational level, guiding each individual while championing equal opportunity. 

Why? Because Hip Hop saved our lives and now it’s time to pass on the gift and share its values with our community. 

We believe in respect, having fun, progress and constructive communication. We believe every person can find their path under well intentioned guidance. That’s why we are here to give back to the community everything that we have gathered in our travels through life!

Although we’ve not been on this journey for long, we`ve involved ourselves in both the promotion and the implementation of several events, some that will ring familiar such as: 

  • “Return of the DJ”, Expirat Club , 2020 (Bucharest)  
  • “From Zero to Hero – Scratch Competition” – Eveniment Online, 2021 (YouTube & Facebook) / 
  • “From Zero to Hero – The Sequel”, In Club Expirat, 2021 (Bucharest) 
  • Sunday’s Urban Vibez, at “The Urbanist” (Bucharest), 2021. 

In tandem, we are in the process of integrating our platform in the Blockchain, a process that will grant us access to and from the Romanian Hip Hop Industry.

The goal here is to involve ourselves in any and all activities that will help us offer support to the community, such as artistic and social endeavors where we can add value. 

Together we will achieve anything we set our minds to and offer unforeseen opportunities while honoring and pushing the culture forward as payback for all it’s done for us!

Honour and spread the spirit of Hip Hop!